Not sure what to race next year?

All garages are actively allowing you, the licence holder, to go out in numerous sessions over the two days to help you decide your ‘on track’ future. Why not utilise this opportunity to test your latest technology and products to help improve your performance


As part MotorsportDays.LIVE on-track activity, you have unique access to all the pit garages to discuss with the teams, co-ordinators and drivers their plans and developments for the following season 


Walk the Wing pitlane and paddock and get face to face with some of the industry’s highest level racing cars, including LMP’s, GT’s, sports & touring cars, single seaters and much more

Confirmed Garages

Event Information

Saturday 3rd November

Silverstone Circuit will be running a sessioned track day, giving you the chance to get behind the wheel with one of our featured teams

Or why not put your own track-suitable car through its paces at on one of the most famed circuits in the world?

Friday 2nd November Event

For MSA License holders only. Test cars from over 15 championships ranging from amateur to professional across the UK and Europe on the Friday.

Ticket holders will be able to book drive test sessions with teams and championships before the event – booking details will be sent out to all ticket holders in September 2018

Track day user or new to racing?

Exclusive tours are available to new drivers who are looking to get into racing. The track day sessions offer drivers the chance to get behind the wheel, discuss ARDS license etc.

Track day sessions are also available for drivers to get on track in their own track-suitable car on one of the most famed circuits in the world — SIlverstone.

Please get in contact to meet with our team and find out how.