Elemental announce the Rp1 EV and a strategic partnership with Apex Motors

  • Elemental announce the Rp1 EV and a strategic partnership with Apex Motors.
  • Ground breaking Rp1 car updated to Rp1R specification.

Elemental Cars has today announced a strategic partnership with Apex Motors to develop and manufacture an electric variant of the class leading Elemental RP1 road legal track car. 

Electrifying Light, Fast, Strong 

Building on the strengths of the current ultra-lightweight Rp1 vehicle architecture, advanced chassis dynamics and integrated, downforce generating aerodynamics, the EV variant will feature a 400kW (560bhp) electrical powertrain and a 40kWh Li Ion battery with 800V electrical architecture but will weigh just 875kg, (resulting in a power to weight ratio of almost 640 bhp per tonne while still being the lightest car in its class). 

The Rp1 EV will offer a new generation of performance while still delivering the visceral, highly engaging driving experience that won the original Rp1 so many plaudits.

A new generation of performance on road and track:

The RP1 EV will be capable of 0-60 in 2.5s with an on-road range of up to 180 miles, while on track it will have the power and performance to complete 20 laps of the Silverstone GP circuit at full race pace. The 800v electrical architecture allows the use of ultra-fast charging and with 80% charging in under an hour, an EV can be a highly effective track car and still be used to drive home at the end of the day.

Elemental and Apex Motors: a deepening partnership:

Following Elemental and Apex Motors successful collaboration on the prototype design and build of the stunning APEX AP-0 sports car, the companies are both keen to further develop their shared technical and business expertise in high performance EV’s.  The two companies share a philosophy of creating lightweight, high performance cars for the driving enthusiast in the EV arena, where current “sportscars” are all too frequently carrying around more than two tons in weight. 

Apex Motors continue as partner for China, where the car will be sold under the APEX AP-1EV name.

Elemental Technical director, John Begley, said, “While many companies are pursuing ever higher capacity bigger, (and heavier) batteries for EV’s, achieving light weight is fundamental for a high performance electric sportscar. By optimising the battery and powertrain installation for weight instead of chasing headline output figures, we can maintain the low vehicle mass, aero performance and chassis dynamics of the original Rp1 to create a lightweight, agile and highly usable EV sports car. “

Apex Motors director Gary Yeung commented “We are delighted to further develop our business relationship with Elemental. The Rp1EV programme is an exciting opportunity that compliments the work we are already doing together to develop the AP-0 EV supercar project and we look forward to bringing these cars to market very soon”

Rp1R: the evolved Rp1

The Rp1 EV project is just part of a series of exciting developments for Elemental.  The company has also developed an updated version of the existing Rp1: the Rp1R.  Featuring a a 2.3l Ford Mustang HO engine with a Mountune dry sump system, the uprated engine generates up to 370bhp and 450Nm of torque taking the car from 0 to 60mph in just 2.7 secs. Both the RP1 EV and the RP1R will offer a windscreen option and an enhanced aerodynamics package delivering at least 1000kg of downforce at 150mph.

Elemental RP1 cars will be running at Silverstone from garage 18 at the Motorsport Days Live event 5th/6thNov.

For further information contact press@elementalgroup.co.uk


Elemental Automotive Group was established in 2012 and started manufacturing RP1 road legal track cars in 2016, many of which have ended up overseas. The company is based in the Hampshire countryside and in addition to manufacturing cars, has a consultancy business designing and developing high tech solutions for the automotive industry.

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