At MsD LIVE the wellbeing of our stakeholders and visitors is our number 1 priority.

In conjunction with Silverstone our main objective is to produce a safe and controlled event environment.  In addition to our customary H&S procedures we will be conducting a thorough risk assessment to identify and migrate the risk of Covid-19 transmission.  We have implemented updated regulations for both Exhibitors and Drivers to ensure everyone understands their collective responsibilities and that they are undertaking all necessary precautions.  In addition, we have teamed up with various Safety Partners to provide vital control measures throughout the event.

  • Hand Sanitiser

    Will be available at registration, stations throughout the event and on all stands & in all garages. WALERO’s BioEdge+ Antimicrobial Sanitiser is specifically formulated for motorsport. It is certified effective against Covid-19, is Skin-Safe, non-reactive and non-flammable.

  • Thermal Camera

    As you enter the exhibition. INTES Thermal Cameras help with quickly spotting the Covid-19 symptom of increased body temperature.

  • Gloves

    Will be available at registration and stations throughout the event. DRAPER TOOLS Nitrile Gloves provide a protective layer to prevent the spread of Covid-19, these gloves are ideal for general-purpose use and are resistant to common hydrocarbons such as vehicle fuel.

We are following government, MSV, AEO, ESSA and AEV guidelines as a starting point for the protocols and precautions we are adopting. These guidelines are being constantly monitored and updated according to the current situation and announcements.

Please find below an overview of event procedures we are implementing to ensure your safety.  We have grouped them under the following headings. 

  1. Event Procedures

  2. Exhibitor Regulations

  3. Driver Regulations

Please also refer to the Silverstone tab (below) for additional measures the venue have in place as standard. We hope this information goes towards reassuring you that MsD LIVE is a safe environment to both work and visit, therefore, enabling everyone to focus on their main objective which is to get down to business!


Social Distancing Measures

  • Minimum contact registration procedures badges printed at home, no self-service counters and staggered arrival times of exhibitors and attendees.
  • Larger aisles and one-way only aisles in the exhibition to help manage visitor flow.
  • Barriers and floor markings to indicate space regulations for all queues and public spaces at registration, exhibition, paddock, meeting areas, catering areas and toilets.
  • Stand designs will be checked by the organisers to ensure the layout allows for social distancing
  • Food and beverage pre-packaged food, wrapped cutlery, no self-serve buffets. Service staff will be required to wear gloves and masks.
  • Physical transparent partition on counters, meeting areas and all points of contact
  • We encourage a no-contact policy e.g. avoid shaking hands consider an alternative greeting.
  • One-to-one appointments, in the meeting area and on exhibition stands. Tables will be sanitised between appointments.

Increased Health and Safety Measures

  • Covid declaration must be agreed by all attendees prior to the event during the registration process.
  • Unified temperature monitoring will be conducted before entering both the main gate into Silverstone and also into MsD Live event space. Anyone with an elevated temperature or fever will not be allowed into the event.
  • Face masks should be worn by all attendees, we will have a stock (donation applicable) onsite should someone forget their own
  • Glove and hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the event.
  • Frequent cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection regimes of commonly used areas.
  • Fresh air ventilation within the exhibition hall increased
  • Increased frequency of waste disposal.
  • Exhibitors to have enhanced cleaning and disinfection regimes for booths, exhibits and promotional materials

Crowd Control Measures

  • Attendee flow management we will monitor access routes, queuing space and entrances of the event and control access where necessary.
  • Manage number of attendees on the exhibition site we will limit numbers based on area in gross square metres of the venue/hall, as proposed by exhibition safety managers.
  • Managed catering areas to allow physical distancing and encourage additional hygiene measures such as distancing tables and limited capacities inside restaurant areas, avoid buffet-style service stations and offer pre-packed food.

How we will Encourage and Enforce Measures

  • Announcements of main procedures the attendees are expected to follow such as regular hand sanitisation/hand washing, non-contact greetings, social distancing and ensure attendees know procedures should they be concerned.
  • Clear signage reminding main procedures the attendees are expected to follow such as regular hand sanitisation/hand washing, non-contact greetings and social distancing.
  • Work in legal framework that clearly defines duties and responsibilities across all stakeholders involved.
  • Establish and maintain direct communication with local medical authorities and venues.
  • Set up medical procedures in case of denied access to attendee due to raised temperature
  • Onsite procedure to address attendee concerns and answer questions from all attendees.


  • Scheduled access to manage the flow of people onsite, please stick to the scheduled access timings for build-up, open and breakdown detailed in the manual.
  • Social distancing must be considered when designing your stand. Floor markings should be used
  • Meeting Areas on stands should be divided with a protective screen and the area should be open plan to allow greater airflow.
  • Designated entrance and exit for all large stands (36sqm and over)
  • Demos / Products should be placed at the front of the stand where possible, so visitors do not need to enter your stand space
  • Frequent cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of your booth and products is the exhibitor’s responsibility
  • Promo Information must be contactless i.e. emailed no paper should be handed over
  • We encourage a no-contact policy e.g. avoid shaking hands consider an alternative greeting.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided to each exhibitor
  • Signed H&S Declaration will be provided to exhibitors within the exhibition manual.  It is mandatory that this is read, understood, signed, and returned 14 days prior to the event (Deadline Friday 6th November).  Without this document exhibitors will not be allowed onsite.


Silverstone and Octane Events have been running experience laps with instructors since August. We are confident by following our below guidelines that all Octane Events and government guidelines will be adhered too allowing instructors in vehicles during the on-track activity for MotorsportDays LIVE.

  • Balaclavas, helmets, and gloves must be worn as standard.
  • Medical Face Masks are only required for drivers within 2m of an instructor or passenger for longer than a continued 15 minutes. MsD LIVE sessions are a max of 15 minutes so this is recommended but not mandatory for most track activity.
  • Helmet hire will NOT be available at this year’s event
  • Frequent cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection of vehicles between each use is mandatory
  • To increase ventilation of all closed and tin top vehicles windows must always be open by a minimum of 1/3rd unless you have a Perspex screen between the driver and passenger with adequate space for instructors to take the steering wheel if needed. 
  • Full in-depth risk assessment is mandatory detailing how the car and driver will be prepared for each visitor MUST be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event (Deadline Friday 6th November).  Without this document cars will not be allowed on track
  • Designated entrance and exit for all garage spaces from the paddock (no walking through garage spaces)


Ben whibley - show director statement